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February 10, 2009


Brandie Nellis

I love your site and all the free tutorials you have available - keep 'em coming and thanks for the wonderful inspiration :)

Laurie Wilson

What an adorable way to package those candies! And so simple too, love it!


Well, it looks like I need to do some candy shopping! What a great idea and a cute way to deliver candy. I really like how you used the heart punch and scallop punch to reinforce the "spot" theme of the stamps. God is in the details!

Vicki C.


I hope you don't mind that I have given your name and blog site out to "everyone".


This is so cute. I don't know that I will get a chance to make one but I like it. I also want to tell you that I made some of your treasure boxes and put chocolates in them and they turned out great. I also put handles on some of them to look like little purses. My granddaughters love them! Thanks for the wonderful ideas.


Mary NSC

O I love this.. Thank U very very much!!

Mary NSC

OO I love it very very much!!Tank UUUU I am going to try to make this too..


Hi Judy! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! I would recommend that you get the block first and then try the wheels later. This is the block that you want (2"wide) it will accommodate both stamps you are interested in: http://www.newcleardollarstamps.com/servlet/Detail?no=1949

If you wish to, you can always add to your collection of blocks and get the same size except in the 1" width.

You can find the wheel here: http://www.newcleardollarstamps.com/servlet/Categories?category=**Clear+Wheels+for+Clear+Stamps!&searchpath=22367&start=17&total=30
and is available in the 1" and 2" width.

Lori has a ton of long 1" and 2" stamps that make wonderful backgrounds.

You can also see how I used the 1" wheel here: http://clearlyistamp.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/01/tutorial-tuesday---treasure-chest.html

Any more questions, just ask :)

Kristen Catalano

this is so cute!. thanks for the tutuorial


what a cute idea & thank for the tutorial

Vicki Freeze

This is just too sweet!
Thanks for sharing.


WOW!! You guys have the BEST tutorials!! I love how you lay out the steps, so even a beginner can follow along!! :)

I do have a newbie question for your. I am interested in getting the Spots of Plenty (that you used today) and the Wood Grain (that you used to make the treasure chest on your own blog). They are both described as "Stamp or Wheel." If I want to use them as stamps, what size acrylic block would I purchase? I'm assuming, since they are both clear, you would simply line up the images if you wanted to stamp in a space wider than the width of the stamps? (I want to get the same look you did here and on the woodgrain treasure chest you posted on your blog, so I guess I'm asking how you do it.) :)

Thanks for the ongoing inspiration. This is DEFINITELY my favorite blog. I love the fact that you not only sell the stamps ... you give step-by-step directions for using them. :)


This is so cool! Thanks for sharing the instructions. :)


Wonderful, thanks for the tutorial.


Cute, cute, cute -- perfect for Valentine's day too!

Nancy J

How cute! What a great valentine's project. Thanks for the tutorial!

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