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November 14, 2008



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Betty Cumiskey

Hi Laurie

Just found you thank you for all your information and help

I live in Ireland

Betty Cumiskey


These look awesome, Lori! And they look fun and easy with your tutorial too! I can't wait to try some! Your Dad is sure to love his delish gift basket! FAbulous project! TFS

Becky S.

Neat idea, now I just need to dust the sewing machine off!!
Thanks for sharing


Wow, your are amazing. Love the entire presentation!

Diane Noble

Lori, this is fantastic! What a cool idea. Can't wait to try it. So unique...love the clean lines it gives to the projects. Thanks for all that time to give us such a fabulous tutorial!

Tori Wild

Looks like the perfect "Man" gift--- Great tutorials too!!


Love this idea. Can't wait to try the tutorial. I'm sure "OD" loved his gift.


Laurie Wilson

That is such a NEAT idea! I can't wait to try this! Thanks for the wonderful directions!

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