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January 09, 2009


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I like your post it's cool..!


Great idea! I'm totally going to do this! Thanks! :)


Love this idea - whaen I get a spare month I might actually embark on it!
Can I ask what you do with your wood-mounted stamps re storage? I have lots of these and they are currently stored in plastic boxes in a rather higgledy-piggledy fashion.


Instead of a 3 ring binder, I stamp the images in a bound scrapbook that I purchased for no more than 3$ at a local "Big Lots" store. I do not have to worry about pages tearing or binders that take up too much room. It is 8"x8" and fits nicely on the bookcase with my stamps.


I just got a vertical cd rack from Collection etc. to organize my clear stamps in cd cases. At the same time I am making a binder with images of all my stamps. I have so many stamps and can't remember what all I have. This way I can go throught the binder to get ideas and I can also take it with me when I go shopping, so I don't buy two alike. It is taking time to get this done. But will be so worth it when it is done. Had a binder years ago. Used it all the time. Some how I let it go and didn't keep up with putting images of the new stamps I was buying in it. Or removing those I sold or traded.



I was going to try storing some UM stamps in CD cases but they won't stick. Maybe I'll give this system a try.

Cindy Fowler

I have been working on cataloging all of my stamps and was excited to see that so many other people are doing this right now! I have been keeping my stamps in lingere boxes and am now creating a binder with stamped images of all my stamps. Then I had my husband create a searchable database so that I could enter a description of each stamp! Very exciting!

Gena Porter

This idea is great! Although I haven't organized the stamps yet, i did with the help of my daughter stamp out all the images and catagorized, so now I at least know what stamps I have. Truthfully, until I did this, i forgot I had most of the stamps I have. Now onto organizing!!

Debbie Warwick

This is absolutely brilliant! I'm going your route for sure & thanks so much for solving MY dilemma!

Becky Sorensen

Cool idea.

Debbie Fisher

I just found this blog and joined. Love the ideas!

Diane Noble

Whoo-hoo! So timely! After my last order of Clear Dollar stamps, I discovered I was organizationally challenged. Can't find what I'm looking for with so many. This is a great idea. Love the notebook plan over the CD case plan...like seeing the stamped out images. Perfect. Thanks for sharing


What a clever and decoartive idea!

Thank you... storage space is always a problem for all stampers... now I will have a neat and tidy workspace.

Lori, you rock gal! Marilyn

Jan Hunnicutt

What a neat way to organize your stamps, I think I like the binder the best! I have mine in 4"x6" plastic boxes that are labeled. I think the binder you made would be a neat idea for cataloging all our stamped images so we didn't have to look through the piles of boxes.


This is so awesome and incredibly helpful! Just yesterday I was trying to figure out the best way to keep all my sets organized. Thanks so much!

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