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January 11, 2009



Interessante Informationen.


Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

Christy Dillman

I would say any stamps having to do with Ipods or texting as that is what my soon to be 13 yr old is always got in his hands. Along with texting maybe some of the phrases they use like OMG and WU. Mine is always wearing hooded sweatshirts and stocking hats too so images like that would be great.

Becky Sorensen

ok, this is my second post as Katie and I were talking with my girls the other night- we took the two 14 yr olds to Michael's with us!!! lol

Cissy does not shut up - seriously, so pretty much everything I said, she commented "That's demented" We figured you might want to use that one. lol

Cheri Howard

Working with 7th & 8th grade kids every day, I just hafta share with you some of what I hear & see daily:

So emo!
Wow chicka bow wow!

Two hands knuckle bumping
Girls walking arm-in-arm
Boy "posing" with legs spread, leaning back a little & crossing arms across his chest
Kids texting

Pamela Malatek

Oh snap for tweens..I can see a hand posed as if it's snapping and only the backs of these kids...boy or girl
Sweet...for teens..I can see a sports car or pick up with boy or girls heads to put in like your VW stamp but have things like keys...for new drivers...music notes..for the the radio blaring..backpack,etc.
thank you for the chance to win your prizes.


oh the link didn't work so be sure to check my blog if you want to see the linked blog candy post. Sorry about that.


Oh Snap!
that rocks

Those are all things I catch teens saying over and over LOL
Please enter me and I linked you on my blog today also you can see it here!


Here r sum frum mi cidos

idk omg lol
tha tend to talk lice tha r txting sum wun
thanxs for the chanse to win

Rachel Arambula

I also like the idea of a cell phone with different text message sayings that fit into the window of the phone.


Comments that flow from my double digit son include...
"No More Homework!!" (image idea: school books stacked with a big circle crossing out the word Homework)
"Awesome!" (Image idea: boy with two thumbs up)
"Sweeeet!" (In=mage idea: gotta have the smile that happens with that word)
"Rockin" (image idea: jammin' playing video games or jammin' with a band)
"That's Cool" (Image idea: boy with backwards baseball hat on head, kind of shrugging shoulders, like it's cool - but no big deal (even tho it really is deep inside)
"Love Ya Mom to the Universe and back" (image idea: Tween Boy huggin' Mom) (but not in front of others!)
TTYL (talk to ya later - image idea: tween boy texting)
"Smokin" - meaning a neat idea - not sure what image would fit - he just says it from time to time when he's excited about what we're having for a meal.
"Yeeees!" (Image idea: Boy standing on one foot other leg raised to waist with fist pulled back to waist (does that make sense?)
"Niiice" (he says this when he gets to visit his great uncle and ride his ATV/four wheeler)
and yes - he even liked it when I started calling him "double digit" because it meant he was getting older, more responsible, etc. - so that might make a good stamp too.
Hope these ideas help....I'll check back soon! Keep up the great work!!

Codi Christianson

My 16 and 14 yr old like football, utube, paint ball, classis cars, and trucks. Hope I win! Codi

kathy lincoln

A set with car repair/mantenice tools. Many teen boys {and some girls} spend a of time "tinkering" with cars.Images of rags and hand cleaner are a must.A image of a confused male[s] would work too.



Let's see...what are my TWEEN & TEEN saying theses days...

BOY-OMG, SOLID!!, Sweet!, Let's make a deal..., Jus' Hanging Out/Jus' kickin' it.
He's into his cell phone, iPod, ukulele (we're from Maui), video games, dirt bike, skateboard, the beach.

GIRL-OMG, SNAP!!, Whatevers! No way, Shop till you drop. She's into all the same things minus the ukulele but she does love the internet!

Good luck and I hope you come up with some solid ideas!

Shelly Schmidt

I just had another thought- making cards for kids could include things like:

If you want to be treated like an adult...

Act like an adult

I love you very much, but I do not always like the way you behave.......

How does your behavior glorify God???

and maybe coupons for kids behavior- a free coffee drink or Jamba juice or Chipolte..... things like that (Yes, my teens still earn goodies for good behaviors or grades.......)

Fun, Fun...I cannot wait to see what you come up with!


I agree with the text messaging (LOL,bff, etc.) since that is ALL teens seem to do anymore. Another phrase I hear from my child all the time is "Oh no you didn't" (of course, that's usually used when I ask her to do housework!!) Oh snap is infamous in my house, too. For images, I am seeing a lot of mention of hoodies for boys but don't forget that girls like hoodies, too!! I also think there should be more new driver type images to scrapbook (keys, license, etc.).

Angela Person

For a tween girl or High School girl stamp set I can envision "Mall Words" and shopping related images. I agree with many of the other post for a high school boy that job related stamps or congrats on driving would be great.

Cathy Loughead

I agree we need more boy stamps.
Hip jeans/big shoes
flashes of lightning/ skate boarding etc.

What about " Congrats on your first job"
" First set of house keys" Or
"Good Luck in High School"

Laraine R

I agree with the previous on the teen sayings and images!!
I would like to see more masculine images!!
Thanks Laraine


A cute boy or cute girl dressed in hoodies with skulls..ipods, ear pieces in their ears. Some saying they say are "foschizzel", "i know right"
A boy with a skate board, hoodie, big shoes.. "dude" "rightious dude" scateboard moves are , olly, kickflip.

words for teens like ewww, no way, thats so not hip, rad....


Other sports would be great, like swimming (both girls swim year round). Love the idea of the cell phone and texting messages. What about a tween girls set to make journals and address books? My dreams, friends, what's going on today, can you believe...maybe for the address something like a journaling block with name, phone, email and all the other information already printed (I would love something like this along to go with the others sets designed for the coasters), and some smaller stamps to decorate with.


For the teen boy, I hear my nephew saying "whatever" a lot, or "I don't care". But he's a moody teenager! Thanks for the chance to win!


For a tween boy...
Rockin'; You think I don't Know That?; Sweeeeet; Awesome along with images of video games-especially the Nintendo DS...that's my son's absolute favorite.

Thanks for the chance to win..Mel [email protected]


*boy w/ a guitar by a tv for Guitar hero. maybe "have a rockin' b-day"
*definitely playing soccer
*on bike-maybe doing a jump
*w/ a hoodie on and an Ipod-on a bus or doesn't matter...
*Maybe sitting in a movie theater
*2 boys playing a video game
*playing w/ a hand held game or texting
*eating pizza?
*at a school desk-sitting "cool" not studious"
*maybe even day dreaming at the desk w/ a bubble of whatever it is boys think of-food, games, computers, cars, a girl w/ hearts...
*teen w/ a stocking cap on, baggier pants -not real baggie but a little droop in the butt or lower crotch
* a group of boys just standing around
*playing hockey

*"have a happy b-day or whatever"
"Dude-it's your b-day"
I think you could skip the tween look for boys since they think they're cooler than they are anyway LOL(I'm a mom of 3) and give them a teen look.

Well that's just off the top of my head. I'm so excited to possibly get stamps I could use for my boys


My son is young. Not even close to tween yet. He's very much into cars and trucks and skateboards and scooters and ... anything with wheels pretty much. Then to make the kit different from everyone elses cars and trucks and such, have accent stamps of Flames, stripes, skull/crossbones, graffiti style of the texting abbreviations. That way it's not a "cute" version but a more edgey or masculine look.

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