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January 11, 2009



For teen and tween stamps texting would be awesome. Maybe a phone that you could but different text messages ex. LOL, BRB, etc.

Debbie Ritchie

Yes, I love Charlie the Horse.. and all the Critters...
Would like to see Charlie and Family.

Heres a Zebra I hand drew from a Baby Outfit.

For the Teens and Tweens:
A Hot Rod Set or Cars:

Sayings: Drivin' by to say Hi, Hot, Hot Rod, Smokin' Good Time.

here is a sample hotrod I made from the SUp Loads of Love Truck.

thanks for letting Us give imput.


On tween girl - "sweet" and "like" would have to be two I hear a lot. And an ipod or the cell phone with text is the two instruments! I would like to see more life-like images as far as people stamps go.


Just a few:
whateva',snap, btw (by the way),dude, duh?!
wuz up?, mind (as in mind your business),snap, lame, bff, besties, hangin',
ttfn (ta-ta 4 now), hey, cuz, ur ...
Just a few I've heard in the halls at school.

Images: ANYTHING techie oriented (cell phones, ipods, laptops, wii, gaming systems, movies/videos),
skating (style or board designs),
fast cars (corvette, firebird, truck),
junk food (pizza, sodas, pop corn, fries)- they will eat anything and everything not tied down,
t-shirts (with graphic slogans or designs - skulls with flourishes are in style, muted colors - brown, gray, black),
jeans (classic styles - Abercrombie, Hollister, Tommy H, Tommy Hawks)...
Decorative tennis - girls only (bling, beads, plaid)

I think I covered enough... Have fun!
Marilyn geneva1599@juno.com

Idea: Message could be put on a cell phone, ipod, computer screen or even a t-shirt... that wuold be so cool and versitile!


Some ideas for the boys are game systems such as the Wii and Xbox360, cars or motorcycles (for the older boys maybe), skateboards, bmx bikes, guitars or Guitar Hero or Rock Band Guitars or Drum Sets (the most popular video games among teens and tweens!), snowboards.

Some ideas for girls are digital cameras, makeup, shopping bags, clothing, Cosmo magazines

I do not know if this would be appropriate, maybe for the older teens, some drink images such as beer (for the guys) and martinis, daquiris, etc (for the girls). Also, teenages love to play drinking games such as beer pong and flip cup so a ping pong table and those red plastic cups would be great images as well.

And now I am finished... I have put way too much thought into this, lol.


First of all, they sayings "whatever", "peace", and "dude" are usually used by the younger kids.

I have not heard the terms "hella tight", "dope", or up "up in my grill", "homie", "the bomb" in a few years so I wouldn't suggest using those. Although the term "bomb" is still used by itself.

I have never heard any teen say "multislacking", "marinating", or "all cherry" at all.

I do not believe that negative slang talk such as "tool", "douche", or "dirtbag" or "your mom" should be used in a stamp set, we want to give our kids positive cards right?

The terms that are most used for both sexes, both ages is "Sweet!", "Sick!", and "Oh Snap!" which I think would be great for a card.

Some other sayings I haven't heard yet are "Chillin", "Jokes" (meaning just kidding),

I think cell phone and msn text is also a good ideo for some words stamps such
as "ttyl", "lol", "bff", "<3", "g/f", "b/f","omg", "w00t",

As for images...

the things that have been said that I think are great ideas for both gengers and both ages are cell phones, ipod, computers for tweens and laptops for teens, and movie ticket stubs. Also something to do with facebook (for the older kids) and myspace (for the younger kids)

karen L

For teens, or even tweens, I would suggest cell phone and text message slang. Seems like I can never get my nieces and daughter off the darn cell phone!
As far as stamp sets go, I would love to see masculine images that are NOT sports related! For instance, modes of transportation, buildings, scenery etc. I would also love images of houses and household "stuff" like furniture.

Becky Sorensen

My girls are terrible talkers - so I went and got them, so they say,

lol, ttyl and whteva, Tight, Up in my grill, dope, peace, hella tight (means that is like cool!!), legit, my bff jill,

for stamps - cell phones, ipods, computers, skateboards, BMX bikes, cameras, game systems.

Ok, this is totally out of the mouths of babes, ok, not babes they are two rotten 14 years olds!!! lol


How fun! I have to agree, the big ones are "snap" "dude" "<3" "sweet" "I heart ya"
and of course, "whatever!" and "Holla!"

Love the blog!

gena porter

I have a teen boy and here are some of his :
Tool or toolbag
and many more that shouldn't be listed here

For my tween girl:


What about a set that has different sayings on ticket stubs, like "admit one" tickets...not sure what they are called; but you could put tween and teen sayings on them, or just general sentiments (1 or 2 words)



For a Teen boy saying that I hear all the time is: " Tool" as in what a "tool", he or she's a "tool",(like a Follower or not free thinking, (I think of it as a Drone worker Bee, just goes along.) Then "Snap" (like everyone else has said)

Shelly Schmidt

Oh fun! 'Whatever' is what I hear the most!

The kids talk like the below mentioned slang- there is no ethnic or racial slur intended- this is just how the teens and the college kids talk

'Hey' is another (actually, Haaaaayyyyyyy), and Chica is another, Hey Chica is heard alot


another is ganster

The bomb, my daughter is telling me another teen expression is 'your face' meaning your facebook page....... the younger kids are on 'my space'
your mama or your mom
cuz or 'cause' for because
Homie or home skillet
lame and tool- although these are not expressions in a kind light, the older kids say tool alot to one another- boys and girls

I think a set of stamps for younger kids teens would be such a huge hit!


Ok ....

Tween boy - Sweet!! Snap!! a skateboard, computer, video game system, pizza, candy, books (stack of school books, or boy reading), backpack, CDs,

Teen boy - Sweet! (LOL! That's all I hear from both my tween and my teen!) Cell phone, car/truck, guitar, Mountain Dew bottle (ok .... just a drink bottle....) pizza, snowboard, iPod

Sorry. Probably too much, huh? Just too close to the subject, I suppose. :)

Laurie Hickman

Multislacking: Slacking at a series of things all at once.

Marinating: Hanging out

All Cherry: Really good

Bling: lots of jewels

Besides the ones already mentioned that's all the slang I can think of.

I would love some boy themed sets. Wii, ipod, 4 wheelers, snowboards, skateboarders. Blingy pink cards are easy, but I get stumped for my son who just turned 9. I wanted to do a fun bday card and I could come up with was a license plate theme card.

Amy D

My oldest is only 9 but here's some of what my older 2 are saying...Awesome, snap, cool and dude.


'Whateva', 'Sweet', 'My bad' '<3' 'LOL'...hmmm, that's all I have right now. I'll see if I can brainstorm some more.


My teenage niece says "besties" when describing her friends. My nephew uses phrases like "real talk" and "pretty much". I am having a hard time coming up with a whole lot, and that is making me feel really old. Lol


I would love to see some stamping and scrapbooking items with sentiments to use on layouts and cards.
For teens wii or cell phone with sentiments like oh snap, 24-7, and like BFF.
Thanks for a chance.


I've heard "Sweet" lately a lot. I teach ten year olds so I will ask them tomorrow what are all the new catch phrases they say to each other.

I guess I need more sentiments for the inside of cards!

sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

Joan B

well, my teenage son just told me he prefers "a blank card." He's no help! So, I'll speak for him! For a teen boy -- I would love some BIG words like CLEAN and then small words your room. Or, GREAT job. Or DRIVE carefully. You know, Mom words to nag a kid! Thanks for asking

Kimberly O.

My teenage nieces and nephew say "Dude" and "Snap". (Granted, as a 40-year-old without kids, I had to ASK someone else what "snap" meant.) :) They are all into sports. Two of my nieces play girls' ice hockey, softball, and soccer. My nephew plays football and baseball. (And one of my best friend's daughters plays on the boys' high school football team.) I think it would be great to see a few "basic" sets for the different genders (like the actual figure stamps)and then have add-on sets for the different sports and interests. (Like a hockey add-on, a football add-on, etc.)


"Whateva" - is the first one that comes to my mind....

I would like to see some bowling items...
I bowl on a league and you can find any other sport except bowling. I may be the only one, but its worth a shot in asking.
Love your blog...

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