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March 24, 2009



Katie, these are so cute! Thanks for sharing!


OMG, this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a cool project! Thanks for sharing. Now I need to go and buy some more acetate!


That is really cute!

Codi  Jo

This is very cute. I love fence!!


Hi Ann! I just used cheapy grocery store egg basket grass stuffing - the plastic kind. I did see some really nice shredded green paper grass at Michael's, but it was too much money for me (no coupon at the time). And if you really wanted to get crazy, you could make your own grass by using a crimper and scissors.

I layered the grass, added some of those candy eggs, a bit more grass, a bit more candy and then the bunnies. Seriously, that little basket will hold a ton of stuff - way more than anybody should eat in one sitting - not that I eat that much chocolate in one sitting (lol)!

I also have to mention that those nuggets are the dark chocolate with truffle inside - yummy.


what kind of stuffing did you use underneath your candies so that all of them are all strategically on top of the shreds... thank you thank you wonderful tutorial. cant wait to try this one!

Ree Donnelly

I am completely in love with the Bunny Nuggets!! I don't know wht I never saw them before... but thanks for enabling me!! :o)

Diane Noble

This basket is about the cutest ever, Katie! Love it! So clever, great size, adorable design. Absolutely fabulous!

Terri Bills

Katie, this is adorable.


Katie ~ You are AWESOME!! I think you have the best tutorials out there!! Judy

Mel M. M. M.

This is sublime!!! So original and beautiful. What an amazing tutorial. WOWzas. :O)


This is sooo cute! I'm going to do this with my kids, they will love this craft! I never knew you could sore acetate! Love it, great tutorial!


This is so stinkin' cute!!! Thank you for sharing such a great tutorial.....I know what I'll be making!!! I can't get over how cute it is..omg :)

Stacy SCS Twinshappy

This is adorable and so fun. Great tutorial and what an awesome gift idea.


Katie - You have outdone yourself this week. This basket is soooo cute and it is the perfect size.


This is so completely adorable! Thanks for sharing it!

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