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April 10, 2009


Sandra Fennley

This is so useful. I really appreciate that you took the time to do this for other people.


Thank you. I've tried and tried to emboss after cutting but never knew you had to turn the thing upside down ... DOH!! Makes perfect sense now!
Hugs Linda x


THANK YOU so much for your explanation of the difference between small scallop circles and large ones, I have been looking everywhere for this information!!! Thank you times 10! =)


Awesome...never thought of using my stylus for that deeper embossing! Great tip!

Connie B.

Katie, Thanks for your wonderful tips. I like the suggestion on storage also. Where do you purchase the magnetic strips? I just bought my first two sets of Nestabilities and will surely buy more after reading your article.

kathy lincoln

How do I use my big shot with the nestablies?


Heidi Brawley

Thanks so much for this tutorial! It helped a lot!!!! ~Heidi

Vicki C

You just SOOO outdo yourself every time you post a tutorial. Can I come live at your house?

I have a tip on labeling the CD cases that you store your nesties in. Being an old traditional paste-up artist from my bygone printing days, I use artist's paper tape and run a strip of it down the CD spine and write out the name (Small Scalloped Circle) and part number (such as S4 120). The paper tape is white, sticky enough to hold to the CD spine and it will wrap one edge so you can also write along the front. If you REALLY want to put on the ritz, use different color pens to write the names for nesties in the same family (like red ink for all scalloped cirles) If you need to change the label, the tape will pull off clean without a sticky residue. For the extra long/large mega shapes, I use DVD boxes. Last tip, I cut out the sandwich recipe that matches my die cutting tool and tape it to the back of the CD.


Thank you so much for sharing some tips and tricks. I have been struggling with my nesties, especially coming up with a way to store them. I know what's I'm doing tonight! I'm gonna store my nesties!! Again, thanks for sharing!


Thanks Katie, I love reading the tips and tricks of crafting!


Great tips! TFS!


Can I say I love you! I threw away my pkgs, so I did not know what I had. How easy it was to count the scallops to see which nestability I need. Thanks so much for a easy solution!

Anne P

Hi Katie,
Thank you so much for the tips and tutorial. You've laid everything out so carefully that it's really easy to understand.
Hugs, Anne.

Nancy Grant

Awesome tips. Thanks for the tutorial!



This is wonderful Katie! Thanks so much for the tips, tricks and tutorialss!

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