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June 07, 2009



so nice !

jana z

I just found this post, and I am completely blown away! What a wonderful imagination you have! Thank you for sharing! :)

Erin G

OH MY GOSH! This is freakin fantastic & fabulous! A friend of mine just pointed me over this direction and I am still drooooling...

Inky Smiles!

Kelly Shea

WOW, Lori! This is amazing! What a cute idea! thank you for sharing!


This is great! I remember a classroom set my grandmother gave me once when I was a little girl, it was so special to me! And that crime scene investigator kit is precious! Thanks for sharing, I will have to find some time to put one together.


OH my Heavens! Is this ever cute!!!

rebecca Ednie

AMAZING! I can't believe how much detail is in both kits! They are great! Must have taken AGES but so much fun!!


so so cute, wow!
how creative, I lov eit.


Wow Lori! these projects are awesome, and perfect timing! I know my Daughter & her friend would love this, and I'm looking for ideas to keep them busy over the summer. It's so great that they can make something and then actually use it! TFS Laurie

Ree Donnelly

AMAZING!!!! Jeesh, my girls would have gone crazy over that classroom stuff when they were little!! (They are 23 & 21 now!) *sniff-sniff*
Very creative & fun! And the photos are great!

Becky Sorensen

Wonderful Tutorial and samples. Great ideas.


Lori I love the stamps and really think that your tutorial is brilliant. I have an new baby due soon and are going to use the fingerprint stamp in her new scrapbook. I think I will create a page using this stamp for all my existing scrapbooks as well. Fingerprints are not taken in the UK but is definately one of the best identifucation methods around. I work for a goverment department where I was a fingerprint expert and have to say it is great to see someone making a stampset so true to the real thing.


Lori -- this post/tutorial is wonderful. You really outdid yourself! I know any kid would love to help create both of these sets and just think of the hours of fun they will have



Lori these kits are the MOST creative project I have ever seen!!I just know my girls will LOVE them. I'm off to order now!! Blessings and Hugs!


WOWOWOW! Hey, I don't think that's a real word, but Lori all your templates and work is outstanding. How cute are these things. Totally reminds me of my childhood and the love of all things miniature.

Candy, your samples are wonderful and that set looks like its right up the boys' alley.

Linda Anderson (studbo)

These sets are all unbelievable Lori!!!!!! Way too cool!!


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