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July 03, 2009



ohhh thanks for the all the info! i totally hate it when my glue causes the paper to buckle- so annoying!

Debbie Frost

I use Zip Dry and I really like it. It has a strong hold and won't wrinkle the paper because it is not water based. I also have just started using the Glue Glider Pro (it's a little smaller than the Scotch ATG) and so far it is working well. I was a little concerned about its large size, but it seems easy to handle. I may graduate up to the Scotch eventually.

Tina J

I have so many different kinds of adhesive, I would just like to find one that is versitile enough for most things so I don't have to have a seperate room for sticky stuff. haha.

Regina Jones

great review thanks! I love zip dry and scotch brand adhesive. I also love the score tape I love that you can tear it! I have the glue pad and it works great for glitter as long as you don't mind a little shedding of it. I also love the 2way glue pens for the little areas.


Hi Katie
I absolutely love your adhesive guide, it was so informative. Now I have a great idea how to use the glue pad. Thanks for the awesome blog candy.

Michelle H

Thanks for this great product review! I haven't found an adhesive I like to use with glitter so I'll have to try one of the products from this post :)

Other adhesives I use are mono adhesives for light paper crafts. I particularly like red liner tape for projects I don't want coming apart. I love how strong it is.


I love my ATG, the other glues I have not tried but now want to lol


Hi! lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win :) Im going to link your blog right now!

Here is my blog.




Thank you for all of the VALUABLE info on the sticky stuff! I love my ATG and Score-tape too. I need to try some of the zip dry - that's new to me. And of course, the tip on heat drying the palette glue pad. Didn't know that one.
Thanks so much for all you do!

Heidi Gore

Thank you for telling us all the ins and outs of the different adhesives. It's really good to know as there are so many options not worth purchasing. I'd love to win the blog candy as I've never used that glue before.


I think you listed all my favorites. I love the quickie glue pen, great for die cut letters. For the majority of my needs I use the ATG, it took a couple of days getting used to the size and I love it now. I recently got my first roll of Scor Tape and love the ability to tear it. Thanks!

Mandy Kirk

I love my ATG gun, it was an investment at first but can't be without it. Also love scor tape for my heavy duty stuff!

Ree Donnelly

I mainly use my ATG gun (love it!!!) but also love Scor-tape and the Quickie Glue Pen. Thank you so much!!


Always looking for a great glue.....


I like Mono and Red Line. They are the ones I go to first according to what I am making. Thanks for the chance to win!


I love the quickie glue pen.....I guess I should invest in a ATG everyone who has one seems to love theirs!


Thanks for the chance to win! Ilove the quickie glue pens soo much!! I do wish I had an ATG though I guess I should invest, since everyone says they are great!


I like my atg and mono multi


Thanks Katie, great info, I love coming here & learning new stuff! Well I don't have an ATG, & of all the snail type adhesives I've tried, so far the one I buy at Walmart has been the best for me, but I wish I didn't run out so quickly.

I love the quicky glue pen, and I also have a marker size glue pen that I always use. These 2 are keepers.

I've used the red tape, but find it expensive, I've just switched to the scor tape. Did you know you can use ep & heat emboss on it?

I'd love to win your blog candy and try that zip dry!

Thanks for the chance

Rita Bracy

Hi there! I just found your wonderful blog. The adhesives I use are the red line sticky strip and Glue Glider Pro. I'm putting you in my favorites so I can visit daily. Thanks for the tutorials and super ideas.......Rita


The tutorials on this blog are always fabulous, thank you for the tiniest details. I love the Guickie Glue pen as well as the red line tape which is like the scor tape. Thank you for the chance to win.


I love Yes Glue...I use several mentioned here, but I'd have to add Yes as an essential!

cindy ziliak

I love the score pal tape and I also have a Quickie Glue Pen. For heavier projects I still use the orange double stick. I'll be sure and try the liquid paper tape.Thanks for the info!


I normally use my ATG gun. LOVE it! I didn't have any luck with the Zip Dry. My nozzle kept clogging, no matter what i did! I finally gave up on it! Love the Quickie pen for small projects.



I have all of those items, but haven't used all of them, so I'm really glad to have gotten the rundown on them in this post! I'm printing it out & putting it in my "reviews" book - thanks!

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