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July 14, 2009



Great tutorial Katie! Thank you so much! I will be putting it to use I am sure!

Nancy Grant

Awesome tutorial and idea. Thanks!


What a fantastic way to create an envelope. I saw it on your blog early this AM and demonstrated the technique to the teachers in my school. Thanks so much for sharing.

Becky Sorensen

Really neat. I think you need to teach me how to do it too!!! LOL And you are way too organized!! Thanks Katie.


Wow! This looks super easy. I too never was sure how to "send" those odd shape card sizes. Problem solved! I really like how you can "dress" up the envelope to match as well!

Karen Milone

Thank you for showing us this. I shy away from making square cards because of the envelope issue. That is not a problem now. Thanks again!!


I'm always struggling with creating odd sized envelopes -- thanks for sharing your tips. The cards are great too.


Thank you for the great idea. I really love it...it certainly solves some challenges for me. Just double checking (to be sure that I fully understand the instructions)...Is the back side of the envelope completely covered with the patterned paper? Thanks so much.

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