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August 30, 2009


Kimberly S

Wow, every one of the classic vehicle stamps are just great, and the projects showing them off were wonderful to see! Can't wait for their release! :)

Katie Renz

Guess what...Will wants that blue paper car. I guess we'll have to take a trip to our local burger joint!

Great stuff ladies.

Jamie S.

great stuff, all of the ideas put the stamps to great use! :)


I LOVE these! I've really been on the lookout for stamps to make "manly" cards and this fits the bill perfectly! And I love how the cars are all separate so I can choose which one(s) I need. COOL!


I love these stamps! I can't wait to order them and I want all the car/truck stamps (and I would love to have the '65 Mustang in real life!)

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