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August 14, 2009


Karen C

I think you are going to release a set of candy images. And maybe some sugared glitter? Can't wait to find out!

Linda C.

Lots & lots of candy!!

Angela V.

It has to be:
something neat,
something sweet, and
something to knock us off our feet!
I can't wait for our special Treat!


I assume it will center around Charlie with candy.

Tina P.

This is so exciting! I think it might be a jar with stuff to fill it with! Although everyone's guesses here have been so good! Thank you so much for all the fun!


A new birthday set? You certainly have us all wondering!

Beth G.

I hope it has to do with chocolate! Can't wait to find out!



"The Sweetest Place On Earth" is Hershey Park, PA. Perhaps, this is the basis for your candy land. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Ryann Salamon

This has been a fun week so far - can't wait to see what the icing on the cake is!! :)


I think the big reveal is about candy stamps! Thanks for the chance to win!


Can't wait to see what's coming....maybe, halloween sweets -- it's got to be something with chocolate or it doesn't count as sweets :-)

Mary Schlief

This has been so much fun! I think it has something to do with a bakery set or a county fair something or another. Or how about a new Halloween set? Oh I can't wait!

Mary S.


I L-O-V-E daisies! Icarried them at my wedding as did my attendants- and that was 34 years ago. I lov elal the wonderful ideas that you show on your site. I also love the Christian quotes!


Adorable daisy box. And can I say Charlie is the best poet around. :)

Becky Sorensen

A candy jar set with lots ofgoodies to put in it!!


This has been a blast. I'm guessing it's a sweets for a party!


I can't wait for Saturday!!!!
Candy, cookies, sweets galore
special deals for us in store?
Sooo excited can't wait....


I thought first about Willy Wonka type chocolate factory but then I gravitated to pies on the windowsill with Charlene in an old-fashioned apron and Charlie being mischievous and borrowing the pies .... I am certain it will have something to do with delicious treats, Charlie and Charlene! Have had lots of fun this week with the techniques and projects shared and have many CDS stamps on my wish list for my upcoming birthday and the holidays. TFS your talented designs (and team) with us.

Loryca B

This has been so much fun you guys sure do know how to party I can't wait until tommorrow. I just love all the great stamps and products that you offer and at a great price thank you

Dianna Cartwright

Something with sweets and Charlie..The "this way comes" sounds a bit eerie... October right around the corner- could it be a Halloween Charlie? Complete with all the fun tricks or treats?

Vanessa B

Its gotta be something sweet...candies, cakes, cookies, etc...oh, I cant wait :-) Thank You!!!

Gloria Probert

I'm thinking a set with a jar and all kinds of sweet things to put into it and ofcourse Charlie there too. That would be really cool.
Gloria P.

Nicole Barker

It has to be some sort of "sweet" like candy, whether lollipops, gumdrops etc...or good ole chocolate. I can't wait to find out the yummy surprise!

Leah C.

I'm thinking it must be a sweet surprise of some new yummy stamps all sweet themed. Not exactly sure but looking forward to finding out!

Jamie S.

I would say it has to do with food of some sort, candy and or chocolate perhaps :)

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