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October 02, 2009



Thank for sharing the idea ;)

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What a fantastic gift idea, so creative. I love how you add some designs to the candles, it's just perfect. Easy to follow step by step tutorial. I'm just glad to have your blog. Thanks a lot.


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Hmm.. seems interesting doing that. I will also try to make something like that this weekend. Thanks for sharing.



These are so cool...thanks for posting! One question - can you burn the candles with the tissue paper on there?


Katie, this tutorial is AWESOME!!! I bought some votives today to make up some gifts.
I have also put photos on candles. I don't print them on tissue paper. I print the photo right on copy paper. Use the wax paper over it. After melting the photo to the candle, you can roll the candle on your work table to get out any imperfections before the candle cools.

Tammy Mendiola

Very cool! What a great tutorial! I did candles last year, but I guess I'll have to do them again because I just have to make this box! TFS!

Sue C

Fabulous! I saw this tutorial referenced in a thread on Splitcoast Stampers and decided to hop over here and check it out - glad I did! This will be the perfect "little something" to add into the mix of gifts this Christmas! Thanks so much for doing the hard work (measuring, making a prototype, etc.) for us, and for sharing!

Rachel B

Thanks so much for this tutorial. I am working on making these cute boxes with candles for my Christmas gifts for my mother, mother-in-law and all the grandmothers. It is such a inexpensive yet personal gift!


wow awesome tutorial!

wanda in NC/USA

Thank you for sharing this tutorial on making the candles, and the little box. Love it!

Lori McCroskey

Wow! Those are adorable! I love them! I love how you always bring your projects together in packaging!

Stacy SCS Twinshappy

You are AWESOME!!!! I am making one of these today or this week! A perfect gift idea for the boys teacher.... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!


Very cute gift set! Katie, did you know you can put photographs on candles using this method? Here's how I did it a few years ago for Christmas gifts for grandmas - tape tissue paper to a piece of printer paper. You have to tape most of the top edge, if not all of it. That way it runs through the printer without getting caught up. The tissue paper will need to be the side that gets printed on. Print the photo (I did black and white) and then trim around it and proceed with the wax paper method. Of course you'll need to print the photo the proper size for your candle. And print it down far enough on the paper so you don't print on the tape and can trim around the photo. Try it, it's cool!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this tutorial. I was told how to do this a couple of years ago but it was in just general conversation and I couldn't for the life of me remember all the details when I got home to write it all down. And a demo with pictures is just so much better!!! LOVE that little box to hold them in, too! Thanks Katie, you're the best!

Ryann Salamon

Another awesome tutorial Katie! I don't know how you never run out, lol!

Kerry nH

This tutorial rocks!! What a great teacher or hostess gift. Thanks for all you do.


I love this technique, but I never thought of votive candles! What a great project! Thank you!!

Peggy Russell

Fantastic tutorial Katie! I love this project!

Jenny Lavender

Thanks for the great idea! I tried it with printed napkins and it worked great. Separate the napkin plys and you will also have a blank surface (the white ply) to stamp your own images on. Thanks for sharing!

Jenny L.


Great tutorial -- I love the look of the finished product all boxed up. One tip for you to share -- If you want to smooth down your candle/image after you have melted the image, take an old stocking and rub lightly. It will remove all the imperfections in the candle and on the image.


That is just so awesome!! Thank you for sharing!

Tricia T

Katie, you never cease to amaze me! Great tutorial!!

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