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October 06, 2009



Thanks Katie,
I am always wondering about sizes, and this will truley help me. Thanks a million for doing this tutorial for us. Greatly appreicated. God Bless.


I didn't know about that template, either, but I'll be asking the next time I'm in the post office! Thanks for the helpful information!


I sell Clear envelopes and it also varies from post office to post office weather or not you get a surcharge for these. I use the standard 1/4 fold size cards all the time in clear envelopes and have only twice had them returned for the additonal postage. In both instances I just peeled off the additional postage sticker and popped them back in my mailbox. They arrived at their destinations the second time with no issues. I kills me how not only each post office but each postal PERSON can be different in their interpretations of what is the proper amount of postage on a card...NUTS!


what a great resource, especially for new stampers. Thanks so much for putting this together...a quick tip I share with my stampers is to always score first, cut once...you save a step by scoring first!!

Linda Bandow

Katie, you a a WONDER! Thanks so much for this info which I am printing out and hanging next to my paper cutter. I am one of those sad souls who is measurement challenged so every little bit helps. I enjoy your work. TFS


Excellent post on the basics! Great for new stampers to refer to. I swear each post office has it's own little rules and regulations too about how thick thin if it lays flat if it is lumpy and so on that they then charge rates from - gets annoying at times, I stick the stamp on and pray it makes it to it's destination sometimes! LOL!


OH, Katie, thanks so much for sharing this information. Invaluable!!! Love the DP you made with the stamps!!!!!


What a fantatic post Katie! I am in love with Charlie and gal pal, however I need to order this stamp set seeing what you have done with it. That being a sidebar, I've never seen such a thorough explanation for novice stamper and experienced stamper alike. This is for keeping on hand when measurements slip my mind, paper gets wasted and time is of the essence. Brilliant Katie - as are your stamps!!! xox


The Bg is very pretty. Thanks! Happy day Silke


Your stamped backgrounds here are fabulous!!


This is a lot of awesome information. Never knew there was a template available with mailing sizes/procedures. I'll have to check for one the next time I'm at the post office. The cards -- I love how you showed the background using one stamp set for all of the different card sizes.

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