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December 01, 2009


Katie Renz

Hi Jan! Welcome to the world of paper crafting. Yes, you will fall in love and I am so glad that it is helping you personally!

Yes, I only decorate the front, but there is absolutely no right or wrong here. Decorate to your hearts content or keep it simple.

It really also does sometimes depend on who, what, when, etc I'm gifting to. If its going to my son's friend's birthday party (he's 10) then I want it to be cute and memorable but I am also a realist and don't expect anybody to keep it or treasure it for any time at all so I'll keep my time/product spent to my comfort level.

Seriously, this hobby should be fun and should be done for yourself.

Jan Tuggle

Thank you Katie for the turorial.I am very new to this scrapbooking and stamping.My daughter has a cricut and thought it would help with my drepression and it has lol.So my question is do u do onley the frount of the bag or front and back.

Elaine Allen

Such lovely pretty items Katie. What fantastic ideas you have. Thank you for the tutorial.

Elaine Allen


Love this tutorial -- you always make everything seem so easy.

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