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June 01, 2010


Dianna Cartwright

Love the variaty of colors and the cute cimple stamp ( I'm seeing all kinds of applications for that already!). Nicely done. I agree that maybe phase two shoulf be a get well set... always a need for that!


I really like designing my own cards but sometimes it just takes so long. It would be great to have these kits and just put them together. Masculine cards would be really nice.

Michelle Sampson

Super idea! I love the card kits. One suggestion I have is to include a color coordinating ink spot with each kit. Yeah, it will add a little $ to the price, but it would be great to give someone a kit without being concerned that they didn't have 'quite everything' to make cards. :) I LOVE CDS and what you offer. Great job - again!!!

Rhonda Miller

What a great idea. I think a "baby" themed card kit would be great. I used a lot of thank you cards also.

Christine Hemmi

THe Card Kits Look awesome!!!


I like the card kits; I think a "get well soon" card kit would be helpful, along with anniversary cards, or an invitation set. For a card you may need more than one of on short notice, a kit is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Mandie Wade

I love this card set! It's so cute! I like that these cards can really be given to anyone. I think a kit that included the markers would be nice. Having the cake match the ribbons looks so great but the cost of purchasing the markers is a bit prohibitive for me. Maybe if you could buy them with the kit at a discount I would start building my collection :)


Such an awesome idea, and a great price!

I agree that an all occasional kit and a sympathy kit would be great. I could see those especially being used for card ministries. Also, a masculine card kit would be fantastic. You could include birthday, Father's Day, as well as Thinking of You and You're the Best all in one! But the cards I struggle with are the birthday cards for my pre-teen grandkids. They're too old for the cutesy critter kind of cards, but some of the stamp sets for the adults just seem "too old". If you know what I mean!


i LOVE this idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

Gloria Westerman

Wow....this is so awesome....would be a great gift for my DD.....love it....


I love the kit idea and would definitely buy one, probably the big one, if I didn't already so many uncompleted kits piled up :)

Sue D

Great idea! For our church card ministry we make a lot of "thinking of you", "get well" and "sympathy" cards. We also need masculine versions of these cards. I like the simplicity of these cards for the beginning stamper and also that they are not heavily embellished as we have had trouble with extra postage needed. Looking forward to seeing more. Oh I just remembered we send baby cards to new parents too.

Bev Leeson

What a Great Idea. So much Variation in the KITS and so well priced for people. I would love to win a set but will be buying one for myself anyway. If I were to win I could donate mine to someone else. Really looking forward to seeing what is still to come...


The card kit idea is so great! Thanks for making it so easy with this first one. I'd love to see masculine and Scripture encouragement card kits. Also, I'd love to see a card kit for showing appreciation for teachers, epecially music teachers as I find these difficult to make. Can you please make one kit with a music theme? :)
Can't wait to see what comes next!

Sara L.

Love this idea of the card kits! Will definitely get in on this. I like the birthday set idea. I am always in need of birthday and thinking of you cards.

Michel E

Love the card kits. They would make great gifts for card makers. Need some masculine card kits. also baby card kits.

Lori G.

This is a super idea! I would echo the idea of having different holiday kits. Or florals. Flowers are always good!

Kimberly S

Wow, what a fabulous price (though that shouldn't surprise me...you're prices are always affordable!), and I love the summer colors...how fun!


ADORABLE grad caps!!!!

Marcia Nelson

You've addressed a great need: stampers with a limited budget and groups that need to produce simple, but multiple cards. I love it! A suggestion: our church group finds it hard to find appropriate greetings and sayings for people on our prayer list whom we are not familiar with and do not know the "need" they have (illness, job loss, marital difficulties, etc.) We need caring, yet generic words.

Nicole Barker

This is a fantastic idea! I love how the kit is packaged and how you have different options to purchase. And the price is out of this world!!!

Amanda de Jonge

Love your idea of card kits! The birthday card example is beautiful.
Musculine and sympathy kits would be very welcome.

Christine N

I struggle a lot with sympathy cards and think a kit would be a great idea!



The simplicity of the design is a good idea, to encourage those beginning stampers. And as always, verses are good.

Becky Sorensen

THis is an awesome idea - These would be great for my sister who has limited stamps - who borrows mine alot- to have on hand to make up. I agree some manly cards would be a great kit idea and then maybe some Holiday card kits.

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