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July 10, 2012


stef h

wow lori! you are truly blessed! i know that "peaceful" feeling at hearing GOD'S voice in your heart and there's nothing better.

i wish you many happy miracles and i'll be looking forward to your digis and hearing about how all is going.

big hugs :)


Hi Lori. I have been loving your stamps for several years now and have purchased some of your digis. I love your digital images and feel that they best suit me due to living on a budget. So to see that you are having a digi store only for a while really makes me feel blessed because your still in this big paper crafting world and your message of God's goodness is still attainable through your site. I want to extend to you a big cyber hug because I truly know where you are coming from with your decision to homeschool your children. Last year was also my first year to homeschool and we were also feeling God's call on us has parents to homeschool. It was a wonderful year filled with wonderful moments, but also challenges. Learning the ropes and finding knew and exciting ways to make each day count were extremely important. I will admit that a lot of days were difficult and it was through Christ strength, and it alone, that got me through. We are on board again this year and praying for His leading and learning in this new year of school. I will pray for you sweetie has I know how tough it can be but the eternal rewards are many. Thanks for being obedient in obey the voice of the Lord. Hugs.

Erica Fields

Just want to wish you the best with your family and with the new turn your business is taking. Listening to God is always the path we should follow.

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hello, i am new here and glad to be here!thank u for your sharing!

Jennifer Dunn

Thank you so much for sharing Lori! I to know the wonderful blessing of being in God's will regarding homeschooling my children. I love digis to and am glad that you're continuing on sharing this wonderful ministry! I love your new blog and am looking forward to what you have to share in the future!


Lori!!!! This is AWESOME!! I am so blessed by your testimony, seeing how the Lord has worked in your life, and just how obedient you are being to Him!!! God Bless U, Sister!!! The Lord will bless abundantly because of your perseverance and obedience in Him. I am sooo ecstatic to be part of your team, and to be able to see the Lord's work unfolding before me. Just Blessed!! Thank U for sharing your talent... Keeping you in our prayers!! Aloha, Jen

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